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Manic Monday

“It’s just another manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday

‘Cause that’s my fun day

My “I don’t have to run” day

It’s just another manic Monday

The lyrics dance through my head and I remember myself as a young girl in the 80’s, singing the catchy tune not having a clue what a manic Monday really was. 

Manic Mondays become real when we start “adulting.” Real life sets in and we start experiencing manic Mondays that somehow are mundane at the same time. I honestly feel that Monday gets a bad wrap. I enjoy the weekend, there is time to rest, no schedule, family and friends, and always sports.

Then Monday creeps back up and the pressures of the week and the daily demands all start to set in. Every week as the sun starts to set on Sunday evening and as the day breaks on Monday social media feeds are filled with quotes, memes, and ecards that all shed a little disgust on Monday. I scroll through my feed and admittedly will laugh at some of the funnies about Monday but it never fails that I cannot help thinking about what our mindset is as our week begins. What if we adjusted our mindset about Monday? What if we stopped dreading Monday and started looking for God’s goodness? What if we started praying about what God wants to show us about Monday? If we stopped speaking negative over Monday then maybe Monday would move from manic to miraculous. Monday might move from mundane to mighty. 

The Scripture tells us that we have the power of life and death in our tongue (Proverbs 18:21). So as the evening of Sunday slowly fades away and Monday begins to rise,

think about Monday. It may be the busiest Monday you have ever faced. Or it may be completely empty and seem like it will amount to nothing. It does not matter where you find yourself on the scale of manic to mundane God is there. He has already seen tomorrow and already has glimpses of goodness and glory He wants to reveal to you. But when we have spoken “death” over our day we cast shadows over what God is wanting to uncover. But when we speak “life” over our day we prepare our hearts and minds to see and hear what God is wanting reveal. Sure, our Mondays not be the most exciting part of our week but if we will choose to speak life over our days even in the manic or mundane God will uncover something miraculous.  


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