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About Morgan

Hey friend, I’m Morgan! A little bit about me… I am the wife to Brad Sugg, the cutest guy I know. I am the mom to 3 incredible boys, Jackson, Collin, and Harrison. I write and speak and do a lot of other things too. It’s likely you’ll find me at one of three places, church, the soccer field, or Target, and if you find me in one of those places, you will probably get a hug from me.


                                                Here’s the deal… no matter the season of life,

                                               we all have a lot going on, we all wear many hats

                                                and because of that life can be overwhelming.


                                              But I believe God gives us everything we need

                                              to walk in His goodness and peace,

                                                 giving us the grace to live life the way He designed.


                                                   You were created on purpose

                                                 for a purpose to impact the Kingdom.


                                               Did you know that?


                                                   I desire to see you walk in your God-given purpose,

                                                fulfilling the dreams He has placed in your heart.


Seasons of life change but the goodness of God never waivers and neither does His love and purpose for you. I desire for you to know your purpose and live that out in every season of life.


As we each walk this journey, know you aren’t alone, we are in this together. So, let’s stay connected, subscribe to the site, or join me on social media below and live our purpose side-by-side!



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As well as being a wife, mother, writer, and speaker Morgan earned her

Bachelor's degree in Communications: Public Relations and has a Master's in Organization Leadership.

She and her husband Brad are the associate pastors at Friendship Church in Frisco, TX.

She is the founder of and The Passover Project. 

You can learn more about those at   and.

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