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"This book has been such a huge blessing for me. My life has been filled with many heartbreaks and pain and I was having a hard time moving past some of them. Morgan’s stories of God’s goodness in her life has opened my eyes and heart to seeing my trials in a new way. I’m so glad I read this book. I highly recommend it! Every single chapter speaks volumes." 



"Such an incredible biblical perspective about the goodness of God. Good is such an overused word with underused power. The goodness is not just knowledge or something we grow to understand...IT IS SOMETHING WE GET TO EXPERIENCE! This book is powerful. It moves goodness from an overused word to catalyst for change!"


-Katie P.

"This book awakens the heart and mind to recall and reflect on the unwavering and complete love found in an active relationship with God. The author does a great job at sharing the message with relatable stories."

-Wendy M.

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