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Leap of Faith

We use this natural faith to make it through every day tasks.  But it seems when we have an urge or have a dream to move outside the mundane faith we pause or even get stuck.  Wesuddenly forget that God gave us a built in faith in Him not just for the everyday things but for the extreme things too.  We start to go through every reason why we can’t move outside of our everyday faith and jump in with extreme faith.

I’ve been in this viscous cycle of wanting to step out on a God dream in my heart but instead gave into fear.  The fear that I have caved to has been a different fear every time.  But none of those reasons matter because they are all just fear that I let keep me from living in a flourishing faith.  I had the every day faith like most of us have but I was not living past that.  I was not willing to cast fear down so that I could experience the kind of faith that goes beyond the everyday.


God wants us to experience Him on different levels.  But the only way we can do that is if we recognize the fear that is trying to hold us back, move past that fear, and take the leap of faith. 

Over the past year that is exactly what I have done.  I have decided that I would push past the fear and jump all in.  What I am experiencing now is a flourishing faith that fear cannot touch.  I am all about seeing truth in all things.  Fear likes to take moments of our lives and try to cripple us from moving forward.  But when we can see the truth we can live a life of flourishing faith.

Living a life of flourish faith is my prayer for you too.  There is such freedom in a faith that goes beyond the mundane.  I encourage to push past the fear and jump into a flourishing faith.  


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