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Back to School

It’s Back-to-school!

It’s a season of structure. Bring on the alarms, schedules, and homework.

Though Summer is staying awhile, the season of life is changing.

I enjoy the structure school brings but love having my kids home more. I am never quite ready to send them to school. But this year I have been actually grieving the thought of sending them back. My heart has just been so sad.

I couldn’t quite place the reason why sending them back this year has been so much harder than before. Have you ever had feelings that you didn’t know why you had them?

So, I took my heart to Jesus.

He revealed while our family was entering the season of school like so many times before this time was a bit different.

All three boys were going to be in different seasons of life, which means parenting three different seasons at one time.

Whoa! Parenting just went to an entirely new level!

7th, 4th, and Pre-k. 

Three different stages of life: 

·     Puberty

·     Not quite puberty

·     Mom is still my favorite

Continually pouring my heart, I heard the Spirit of God whisper:

“New seasons bring new signs and wonders.” 

Jesus struck my heart with His love and goodness. And suddenly peace settled into the place the enemy was trying to pursue.

I was wondering what this new season was going to hold. What it would be like, spiritually, physically, logistically, all the different things.

I don’t know all the details BUT, I do know because I have given my wonder of the new season to God the new season will produce signs and wonders


Have you ever had feelings that you didn’t know why you had them?

I encourage you to take your heart to Jesus. Have a conversation with Him. He is good at therapy, He is good at telling you about yourself!

Are you wondering what is ahead?

Surrender the season and watch for the signs and wonders.

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Anca Neculcea
Anca Neculcea
15 thg 8, 2019

Thank you so much Morgan for sharing this with us .

Beautiful and well said .

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