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I Am Rahab

When we think about Rahab many of us do not really see ourselves in her. While we all have our own sins and issues that came with them, we tend to distance ourselves from Rahab’s lifestyle. Even if our past is promiscuous we still want to shy away from the association that comes with Rahab the harlot. That’s why when I came across I Am Rahab, I was so intrigued.

No longer living a life of bondage, I thought my life might not associate with the Rahab but still could not wait to get my hands on the book. I was excited to read what hidden treasures God revealed to author Autumn Miles. One of my deepest passions is to dig deep into the Word and let the Lord reveal something fresh from His heart.

I poured through the book, highlighting, underlining, circling, sticky notes, page corners folded down. God has revealed something that is refreshing and relatable through the story of Rahab. Autumn shares stories of her redeemed past and flourishing faith that flow alongside Rahab’s struggle and Rahab’s redemption.

Through the entire book, I found out I was more like Rahab than I had ever dreamt. Sure, Rahab was a harlot, but she was also risky, she was brave, she had faith, but more than anything she allowed God to use her. And because she was open to what God had for her, He used her to impact His Kingdom.

In her book Autumn walks you through the most intricate parts of Rahab’s story, the seasons, the harvest, her location and so much more. And through it all parts of God’s heart are revealed. You start to see a deeper love for you because God is intentional with every part of your life.

Autumn’s words are woven with truth and love, with challenge and hope, into a beautiful story of restoration.

Am I Rahab? Yes.

Are you Rahab? Yes.

I like to put favorite parts of the book into my reviews but honestly, I am struggling this time. In each chapter of the book I was captivated by something Autumn wrote. But I think what is so amazing about the book is that different chapters will speak more heavily than others to each individual reader.

For example, Chapter Five, “I Am Risk,” was probably one that spoke deepest to my heart because of the season of life I am in right now.

As I read Chapter Seven, “I Am Sacrifice,” my heart leapt for a friend. I got on Amazon and sent her the book. It’s because of the season of life she is in.

Chapter Ten, “I Am On Time,” I took a screenshot of a paragraph and sent to a friend, based on a deep conversation we had the night before. Why? Because of the season of life she is in. I found Biblical truths revealed on each page, tagged along with encouragement, from someone I have never met but felt like was my friend.

I Am Rahab meets you in the season you are in and reveals a piece of God’s heart toward you.

Friend you are loved by a God who is love, through books like this, His love for you is revealed in a new and fresh way.

Pick up the book, you will not be disappointed!

Click the I Am Rahab image to purchase the book:)

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