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Believe Boldly

“Mom, I had a dream that Jesus and God visited me last night.” “Oh really, tell me about it!” This was the beginning of a beautiful conversation I had with my oldest boy a number of years ago. He had experienced something that reached beyond the comfortable natural. He experienced something supernatural.

What comes to mind when you hear “supernatural”? Maybe like so many you believe the supernatural is for a select few but not for you. Or maybe you think the supernatural is just plain crazy. There is certain amount of faith that is required as we move into the supernatural and sometimes that kind of faith seems risky.

In her book, Believe Boldly, Erica addresses the tug of war between the natural and supernatural. Normals vs. Supers is the perfect title for chapter one. Erica describes the supernatural perspective as well as the natural and well, comfortable viewpoint of living a life of faith.

The entire book is filled with stories that will build your faith, touch your heart, and make you laugh. Erica is as real as they come and who she is on a beautiful display throughout the book. We all want real when it comes to issues that may make us uncomfortable or issues we just do not fully understand. Erica gives you the real truth about the supernatural. She delivers these truths through the spirit of the supernatural which bring the book to life.

We were created by a supernatural God who created us to experience the supernatural. Erica helps guide you into a craving for a supernatural faith in a completely un-weird way.

I underlined and circled many sentences and words throughout the entire book, but I think there was sentence that stuck to my heart. I think this phrase was so sticky because I have found it to be so true. On page 75, Erica writes, “Diligence is essential to divine discovery.”

She writes about consistently showing up to spend time with God and when we show up over and over and over again, whether we feel like it or not, whether the prayer has been answered or not, whether we have been given direction or not, we must show up. God will reveal Himself to us if we continually show up, thus “Diligence is essential to divine discovery.”

Erica pens words of encouragement to keep pressing in to God and His word with consistency, and when we do that He reveals more and more of who He is. If you have ever wanted to know if there is more that lies beyond what you are experiencing now with God, this is the book for you. There is always more to know and to learn from our infinite God, do not let it scare you and do not let the enemy make you think it is weird, just press in consistently.

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