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Business Boutique

Do you have a dream that tugs at your heart but your feel as though it may never come true? Maybe you feel you may never reach that dream because you don’t have the time, you don’t know where to start, or you are worried that you might fail. I know exactly how you feel. I have been in this boat for several years now, until the summer of 2017. I had an awakening. I realized that dream in my heart and mind was not just something I had imagined. But it was actually God showing me His plan for my life. He wanted to give me the desires He had placed in my heart. I knew I had to just go for it before I talked myself out of pursing God’s best for me.

It’s just like when you go to the pool on a warm early summer day yet the water hasn’t warmed quite enough. You dip your toe in the water to find the water is still seemingly bitter cold. In that moment you have a couple of options. One, take a seat in the lounge chair… two, slowly ease your way into the cold water… or three, take the plunge into the cold. I chose to take the plunge and jump right in. And just like we find when we finally get in the water the water isn’t quite as cold as we imagined.

When I jumped in I found myself loving every minute of my new adventure. But even with the new excitement I began to feel overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. Do I need a website? Do I need to redo all my social media? Can I actually do this? There are probably 1000 other women who can do this and do it better than me. So as I embarked on this New Year and began to read my first of twelve books for the year, I chose Business Boutique by: Christy Wright.

Christy writes straight to the heart of any woman with a dream who is scared to go for it or to those who have jumped in and don’t have clue what to do next. The Business Boutique starts with encouragement that calms an anxious mind. Then Christy dives right in to the process of making that God sized dream in your heart a reality. She gives simple step-by-step processes on how to move from the daunting to their desires.

I did in this book as I do with most books I read, I underline, make comments, fold pages, and circle, things that impact, challenge, or awaken me. Christy addresses every aspect of a woman starting a business, from missions statements to you mind, taxes to time management, and money to marketing. The business boutique gives clear guidance on the practical, like do I need an LLC, CPA, and a lawyer. Which is very helpful when getting business off the ground. But what I love the most is Christy speaks to the way a woman works and thinks. She address some the most important issues everyone has to deal with: time, guilt and comparison.

As women we all deal with time management, the guilt of being torn in multiple directions, and the struggle of comparing yourself to someone else or people comparing you to what they think you should be (How many of us know if we don’t struggle with an issue someone else will come along and try to force that struggle on us??) Christy reminds you that you are not alone in this struggle. Every woman that has a desire to do more and be more deals with these issues. Sometimes feeling like you are not alone in these struggles is half the battle of getting over them. And Christy gives you a sense of comradery in the struggle and in the victory. The Business Boutique empowers women to move their dream to their destiny.

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